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Better than your mom's

Cooking with love is my passion.
Allowing me to share this with you is an honor.

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I am a life long learner and mostly self taught culinary maven. I used to own a bar where I prepared the menu, and made all the food, so I am no stranger to a retail restaurant. My experience and love of cooking is what sparked my passion for catering. I enjoy the flexibility and variety of catering, in addition to meeting and pleasing new people with my home cooked meals from the heart.

Let me cater your next event, gathering or little get-together, and you'll see that my cooking is better than your mom's - but let's keep that between us ;)

parmesan pork chops with basil blush sauce

What's on the menu?


Game Day: Meatball or Sausage with a choice of salad & cookies ($59.99 / 12-15 plates)
Wings - Hot or Mild (BBQ Tomato Ginger, Terriaki, Cajun) - 30 wings (29.99 / heat safe tray)
Eggrolls - Your choice of Cheesesteak, Buffalo Chicken or Turkey Stuffing - 24 pcs (49.99 / heat safe tray)
Italian Buffet starting @ 8.99 per person
All American Buffet Starting @ 12.99 per person
Appetizer special 2 Hot Dips & 2 Hot Horderves $99

Thanksgiving: Turkey, Stuffing and Gravy with a choice of potato, 2 veggie sides, and 1 Pie - Pumpkin, Apple or Cherry ($89.99)

Pork chop entree

pork chop milanese

Wings, hot or mild

BBQ tomato ginger, terriaki or cajun

BBQ plate

with pulled pork sandwich, ribs and 2 sides

Cake desserts

strawberry shortcake cheesecake

And so much more...


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